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Disco Dusts!

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Love all the Disco Dusts!!! We have tons of colors and are adding more everyday!!! Shop now!

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Must-read Beginner Bakers Tips & Tricks from Bakell

Here at Bakell we spend a good amount of our energy finding tools that will make every bakers life easier! But along the way, and over our 14+ years of professional baking and cake decorating, we have definitely picked up on a few tips and tricks that we find helpful... now, for our more advanced [...]

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SUPER Easy Gummy Bears Recipe from Bakell

As of late, I have gone a little "Gummy Bear" crazy! I started the other day when I made some for my niece and nephew, than I put together a "gummy bear making kit" for my friends sons birthday party, then I made multi colored bears, then I made adult vodka bears, then I made [...]

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Silicone Molds - "Trial and Error"

Some of us have tried them here and there, some of us LOVE them, some of us stay clear of them, some of us stick our nose up at them, some of us use them daily, but we've all seen the Silicone Molds that continue to grow in popularity and wondered "how would that improve [...]

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Bakell's Very Own Fondant Recipe

From Scratch!?Working with Fondant is by far my favorite, whether covering cakes or decorating, I like buttercream and enjoy working with it... But I LOVE working with Fondant! For me, the biggest draw back in this was always the price! Fondant is so expensive. The saving grace for my fondant passion took place about 8 [...]

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Bakell's Dusts on White Chocolate - Video Tutorial by Bakell

These Bakell Luster Dusts and Powders may be combined with or applied over Petal Dusts to create beautiful custom effects. Mixed with water, alcohol or oil-based solutions, Bakell Dusts offer greater color saturation. Bakell Dusts contain no toxic ingredients and no cornstarch filler.Product List:Dusts: http://bakell.com/cake-decorating/airbrush-guns-to...Paint Brush: http://bakell.com/6-pc-decorating-paint-brushes-fo...Airbrush Guns & Tools: http://bakell.com/cake-decorating/airbrush-guns-to...Bakell Color Dusts reflect beautiful color fades when [...]

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5 Tips for making delicious "boxed" cake

First, I am well aware that it is considered "taboo" for skilled bakers to use boxed cake in place of a recipe from scratch; so before you get all “Crazy Face” on me, remember that not everyone wants to get so in depth into baking that they bake from scratch every time. Myself, having baked and decorated cakes, both [...]

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Bakell | Behind The Scenes Look

A behind the scenes look with the Co Founders of www.bakell.com at the filming of their new commercial!

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Welcome to Bakell.com

Bakell.com was built for bakers and cake decorators by a baker and cake decorator. We set out to build an online store where there is virtually no mark up and no frills. Just a great product at the absolute best prices. Always. And now, free shipping on all orders!

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At Bakell, we believe in living well and baking well!

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