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Bakell's Dusts on White Chocolate - Video Tutorial by Bakell

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These Bakell Luster Dusts and Powders may be combined with or applied over Petal Dusts to create beautiful custom effects. Mixed with water, alcohol or oil-based solutions, Bakell Dusts offer greater color saturation. Bakell Dusts contain no toxic ingredients and no cornstarch filler.

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Bakell Color Dusts reflect beautiful color fades when dusted on white petals, and deeper colors when mixed with water, alcohol or oil-based solutions. Bakell Disco & Luster Dusts also create shine and pearled effects. Check our our tutorial video showing this Bakell Gold Hologram Dust brush right on to white chocolate for a beautiful effect!

Click here to watch Bakell's video tutorial on luster dusts.

See all of our different color Luster Dusts including super blacks, gold, silver and copper and more that will create amazing and beautiful cake, cupcake and cake pop designs! See the full Luster Dust line up by clicking here.

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