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Halloween Cake Decorating Contest

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Get ready for the Holiday rush!!!!!! Bakell is proudly hosting an online Halloween cake decorating contest! Decorators should add their favorite Halloween cake (from their OWN work), Now through Sept 30th! The winners will get a kit of Bakell's Halloween themed cake decorating tools, including Silicone Molds, Stencils, Cookie Cutters & more!

There will be three categories of winners!

1. Overall winner

2. Most Unique

3. Spookiest

Bakell Contest Policies: 

Bakell will hold a variety of contests on regular basis, we will send numerous levels of prizes and gifts simply for uploaded your images and participating in this community of Bakers & Cakers that we love so much! 

All we ask is:

1. The pictures you upload be your OWN work.*(tag the site or social media page)

2. As always please Subscribe to our Newsletter

3. Enjoy your free goodies!

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