Easy Cake Decorating Hacks!

I know, I know decorating cakes can be so hard but we've whipped up a few tricks to help you decorate all types of cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops! First off, don't overwhelm yourself trying to recreate a cake you found on Pinterest without having the technique down. Decorating pastries is an art form and anyone can achieve beautiful decorated pastries with time and practice. Remember, baking is meant to be fun and relaxing! 

Want to achieve a simple cute shape on your cupcake? We have a variation of fondant plunger cutters like our butterfly set, Flower set, Heart set! They are super simple to make, all you have to do is lay out your fondant and start plunging away! You can even take your decorating up a level by using our Luster dust to paint your shaped fondant. You can use colors like: Periwinkle Blue, Spring Green Luster Dust, Lavender Luster Dust, or Champaign Pink Luster Dust.  You can get cute shapes like the image below: 

Another super simple hack to decorate your cakes could be using an airbrush gun! Simply adding in your mixture of Luster Dust paint can become an easy way to paint your cake! 

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