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Adorable and fun Father’s Day Cookies for parents and kids to make together! These fun and edible cookies are easy enough for the kids to make themselves and then are a great way to gift to Dad as a special Father’s Day treat! When you are stumped on gift ideas for Dad cookies are always a safe bet!

Father's Day Cookies for the Kids!


To make these fun award cookies for Dad here are a few things you'll need:

Ok, so lets get started! You’ll begin by generously covering a round cookie (ours were about 2 inches wide) with tinted frosting. Press on M&M’s around the edge.

Pipe on a message using chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag with a snipped corner or in a piping bag fitted with a writing tip.

Trim two pieces of sour belt candy -- we used Airheads Xtremes -- as shown in the picture above, then place on a plate and arrange the cookie on top. Present your deserving dad his award, along with lots of hugs and kisses.

Lastly, we like to top off our Father's Day cookies with any color of our edible dust colors to add some extra decorative flair and glimmer! A nifty tool that dad might like is our cookie scribe needle! This cookie tool is a must in every kitchen.

Happy Father's Day from the Bakell Team!

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