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Mummy Milano Halloween Cookies-Bakell®

Mummy Milano Halloween Cookies

Looking for the perfect snack for Halloweek? To achieve these delicious Milano Glitter Halloween Cookies we used our Black 4mm Beads, Black Tinker Dust, and Silver Tinker Dust! Shop our Halloween Collection to create a large variation of the most adorable spooky Halloween treats and snacks. You’re going to love how easy these sparkly cookies are to make and with such few ingredients.


Black Tinker Dust Cupcakes


These spooky Milano halloween cookies use only four ingredients to make - you will need melted white chocolate, our Black 4mm Edible Pearl Beads, Silver Tinker Dust and your favorite Milano cookies: grab your favorite flavor; I'm a fan of the milk chocolate cookies! These edible glitter mummy cookies are the first to go at our Halloween parties. I think its the edible glitter that makes these spooky cookies pop!

Black 4mm Beads
Krazy Spinkles Black 4mm Beads


  • Melt the white chocolate. I mix in a teaspoon of butter to achieve a creamy consistency.
  • Decorate. Working quickly as the white chocolate hardens fast! Simply hold the Milanos over the white chocolate and spoon the chocolate over the top. Then use the remaining chocolate to drizzle “bandages” over the cookies.
  • Add "eyes" using our Black 4mm Edible Pearl Beads. Working quickly, press 2 pearl sprinkles into the cookie to create mummy eyes.
  • Let the cookies harden at room temperature and then serve on a platter with the Monster Rice Krispies!

Transfer to a clean platter and serve to your guests! Don't forget to tag us on social media when you recreate these treats to be featured on our page! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook! Take an addition 15% off our Halloween collection packs by using code: HALLOWEEN15

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