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Dazzler Dust

Classified as "non-toxic ", Dazzler Dusts™ may be best suited to decorate items that can easily be removed from the cake. Many baking enthusiasts use Dazzler, glitter or hologram dusts to create, beautiful special effects! Just a light dusting of this extra fine glitter will bring lots of sparkle to your design. Dazzler & Hologram dusts are very shiny, glittery, shimmery decorating dusts. Learn more about dusts on our new blog article called Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?

*Note: almost all of our dusts are edible and food grade such as our luster, petal and jewel dusts, however dazzler & hologram dusts are only considered non toxic.

Pastel Baby Purple Rainbow Decorating Dazzler Dust 5g | Bakell-Disco Dusts-Bakell- | Bakell.com Save 13%

Pastel Baby Purple Rainbow Decorating Dazzler Dust 5g | Bakell


Dazzler Dusts™ & Hologram Dusts - Are very shiny, glittery, non toxic decorating dusts. Hologram dusts generally have more "rainbow" sheen's to...

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