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Congratulations - you've just stumbled across the cheapest place to buy glitter! As a proud wholesale glitter supplier and source of all sorts of wonderful wholesale cake decorating supplies, is quite literally a one-stop shop for everything from edible gold sprinkles to bulk disco dust, and just about any type of edible, food-grade shiny sprinkle you can imagine.

From dusting powder sets to edible pearl dust, we bring you an unrivalled selection of discount bulk glitter for sale in sizes that are suitable for large-scale baking projects, big baking businesses and thrifty home bakers. More buying choices, cheapest prices, and lots of colors and consistencies to choose from!


TOP TIP! When you buy products in bulk size, it's natural to wonder if you're getting the same quality as when you buy regular units. As a trusted wholesale bakery supply distributor and vendor of professional bulk baking supplies online, we go the extra mile to ensure that our wholesale customers get the exact same FDA-approved edible glitter in our large containers. Learn more here.

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