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Brew Glitter | Edible Food Grade Beverage Glitter

NEW! Edible Brew Glitter™ is the perfect compliment for beer, cocktails, wine, champagne, coffee, water, kids drinks, latte's or any alcoholic spirits to add some sparkly, swirly pizzazz to your beverages -- they look amazing and will certainly add a WOW factor to your party! Our Edible Brew Glitters™ are made with 100% FDA approved ingredients and don't dissolve! Perfect for any party or festive outing, our food-grade Brew Glitter™ will make your next occasion, sparkle!

If you need more Brew Glitter™ than just our standard 4g Jars, we also sell all Brew Glitter™ colors in 3 different BULK sizes: 25g Jars, 50g Jars or 1 lb Bags - save up to 60% when you order in bulk:

Edible Beer Glitter & Cocktail Glitter | Bulk Size Pricing Chart

FAQ Beer, Beverage & Cocktail Glitter Conversions

  • 1 gram of Brew Glitter™ yields approx 1 gallon of liquid
  • 1 gallon = approx 24 x 5oz cocktails/ drink servings
  • 1 gallon = approx 16 x 8oz beer/ beverage glasses
  • 4 of our 4g Brew Glitter™ standard jars yields 1 x 15 gallon keg
  • Our 25g Jar of Brew Glitter™ serves approx. 640 x 5oz drinks
  • Our 1 lb bulk bag (450 grams) yields 30 x 15 gallon kegs
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    Brew Glitter™ Sample


    Try our incredible food grade Brew Glitter™, this option includes 3 small sample packets of different Brew Glitter™ Colors! *Note: This item is lim...

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