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Edible Luster Dusts

Our Bakell brand line up of new Edible Luster Dusts are a much finer powder than Disco Dusts, but still are very shiny with brilliant pearlizer tones in each color shade! Cake artists and decorating enthusiasts typically brush Luster Dusts and powders on, or mix them with a liquid to paint on their confectionery masterpieces! The latest craze is using a cake decorating airbrush gun to paint on the dusts or powders! Check out our new Bakell Brand Airbrush Gun, 5 STAR rated, and the very best on the market at 1/2 the price! Learn more about dusts on our new blog article called Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?
Pink Champagne Petal Dust 4g | Fine Food Grade Powder-Petal Dusts-Bakell- | Bakell.com Save 21%

Pink Champagne Luster Dust 4g | Fine Food Grade Powder


Bakell’s Luster Dusts - Edible? Yes they are! Luster Dusts are a finer powder than the Tinker Dusts™ Edible Glitter but with the same incredible s...

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