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Edible Petal Dusts

Our Bakell brand line up of new Edible Petal Dusts are brilliant colored and very fine powder dusts, with less pearlizer and more solid colors! Petal dusts are absolutely lovely for projects such as for flower decorating! Additionally, Pearl dust imparts a sparkly, pearlescent finish with just a touch of color. Pearl dust is translucent and can be mixed with petal dust to give decorations shimmer and sparkle without adding much color! Learn more about dusts on our new blog article called Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?
Green Petal Dust Food Coloring Powder | Bakell.com
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Green Petal Dust | Food Coloring Powder



Petal Dust Brilliant matte colored, fine particle powder-dust. With strong solid colors, our Petal Dusts are absolutely perfect for projects such a...

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from $6.89

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