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Sprinkle Shapes

Find the Coolest Sprinkle Types & Awesome Shaped Sprinkles here!

What a time to be alive! There used to be a time (not too long ago in fact) when bakers were rather limited in terms of sprinkle types and choices. Not to take away from the whimsy and old-school charm of rainbow jimmies and other classic sprinkles, but when you really want to ante up the look of your baked goods, shaped sprinkles take it to a whole new level! To learn more about our sprinkles, Click Here

This is why the Bakell team is proud to bring you a selection of inspiring decorating options that range from cross sprinkles and gold crown shapes to bone candy and pink foot shaped pretties to doll up your cakes and bakes. Glittery, sparkly, amusing, funny, mischievous, and just plain cool - you name the vibe you want to create; we have the shaped sprinkle option to help you do so.

We offer our edible sprinkles in 4 sizes, from personal sizes for small decorating projects to large bulk sizes for larger projects: 1/2 cup, 1 lb, 5 lb & 10 lb

Did You Know: Krazy Sprinkles® started out as an assortment of conventional sprinkles, but we soon realized that our discerning clientele were often on the lookout for something a little more 3D. This is when we started to play around with sprinkle type and different shapes to offer more buying choices at great prices.

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