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NEW! Edible Tinker Dust

Our Bakell line up of Edible Tinker Dust (FDA Approved Ingredients Edible Food Grade) are a very potent and shiny, beautiful edible glitter dust! Our Tinker Dusts and powders are a very similar to Disco dusts, but with a slightly silkier texture. Edible Tinker dusts & powders add shimmer and shine to your fondant and gum paste creations. Learn more about dusts on our new blog article called Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?

Silver Tinker Dust, 5g Jar | Edible Food Grade Glitter-Tinker Dust-Bakell- | Bakell.com Save 24%

Silver Tinker Dust Edible Glitter, 5g Jar | Food Grade Glitter



Tinker Dust® - Are a very potent, shiny, edible glitter-dust used for cake & cookie decorating, confectionery crafts & baking! We use only ...

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