BBQ Marinade Gift Set | 6 Award Winning BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces & Dry Rubs

by BBQthingz
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The Ultimate Father's Day or Summer BBQ & Grilling Gift Set!

Any Father will love our small-batch, artisan & award winning BBQ marinades! These are not your run of the mill grocery store BBQ sauces and rubs, these are SIX of our signature award winning sauces & rubs! 

 *Not Kosher Certified, Please see our Kosher Certified Products Here: Click

Here are the SIX award winning BBQ & Grilling marinades you get:


BBQ Sauce #1, Mesquite Apple-Smoked BBQ Sauce: This Barrel Aged BBQ Sauce is a versatile and award-winning artisan, barrel aged BBQ sauce, that has a "down-home Texas flavor" with hints of pepper and a light garlic mustard tang. The mouthwatering flavors of mustard seed, light brown sugar, fresh ground black pepper, minced onions, sea salt and other house-made spices are brewed to perfection, then aged in apple-cider oak barrels. This tangy, versatile sauce is perfect to marinate, slather or baste on any meat, fish or veggie!

HEAT INDEX: Mild, 4/10


BBQ Sauce #2, Sweet Hickory-Smoked BBQ Sauce: This sweet, yet bold artisan BBQ sauce is an award-winning BBQ sauce that brings our sweet, house-made molasses together with hickory smoked wood! The natural flavors of honey, brown sugar, house-made molasses, fresh cayenne peppers, onions, sea salt and other house spices are brewed to perfection, then aged in "hickory-smoked oak barrels". Barrel Aged BBQ Sauce is perfect on ribs, chicken, veggies, beef and is amazing on seafood dishes!

HEAT INDEX: Mild, 4/10


Hot Sauce #1, Garlic-Infused Habanero Hot Sauce: Our award-winning artisan, small-batch Garlic-Infused Habanero Artisan Hot Sauce is perfect on ribs, chicken, beef, fish and vegetables to add that perfect seasoned kick! This amazing hot sauce is made with fresh habaneros, crushed garlic, garlic sea salt, carrots, minced onions and other house-made spices, then aged in cider oak-barrels which gives this garlic-infused habanero hot sauce the perfect flavor!



Hot Sauce #2, Chipotle-Infused Jalapeño Hot Sauce: This amazing Artisan Hot Sauce is truly one of the great grilling or dipping hot sauces! An amazingly, wonderful versatile hot sauce that is perfect for grilling, dipping, marinating or basting any food you want! Made with red chipotle peppers, fresh garlic, onions, sea salt and other house-made spices, then aged in mesquite-smoked oak barrels, the result was an award winning, smooth & smoky hot sauce.



Dry Rub #1, Garlic-Pepper Dry RubOur artisan Garlic-Pepper Dry Rub Seasoning is a balanced, slightly kicked up salt, pepper and spice blend that can top any meat or veggie on the grill. After mixing our various house-made spices to create this blend, we age this dry rub seasoning in a garlic & pepper soaked oak barrel to give this seasoning an amazing garlicy-pepper flavor! This award-winning rub has become one of the most popular seasonings among BBQ grilling enthusiasts!



Dry Rub #2, Barrel Aged, Salt-Smoked Dry Rub: Our artisan Barrel Aged, Salt-Smoked Dry Rub is a perfectly blended award-winning dry rub seasoning that creates the most wonderful & tasty flavor on any meat, fish or veggie! After blending our various house-made spices, we age this dry rub seasoning in a smoked oak barrel to give this seasoning the perfect touch of smoke flavor! This seasoning is the perfect blend of sugar, spice and smoke!


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