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by Bakell
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This is for our 4th of July variety of colors set of luster dust! It includes 1, 4 gram jar of each of the 3 colors shown. Patriot Blue, Patriot Red & Intense Pearl White! For a total of 12 grams!

Luster Dusts - Are Bakell’s Luster Dusts edible? Yes they are! Luster Dusts are a finer powder than the Tinker Dusts™ but still incredibly shiny with brilliant pearlized tones in each color shade, typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted or airbrushed as seen in our video shown below. Luster Dusts can be turned into a beautiful shiny “paint” when mixed with a small amount of lemon extract or vodka and brushed on your product; Luster Dusts look awesome mixed with drinks or sprinkled on whip cream and icing. Many cookie decorators use luster dusts wet or dry with stencils to brush designs and patterns onto the set royal icing. Bakell™ Luster Dusts are Food Grade and perfect for the Confectionery Sugarcraft Artist!

Understanding Bakell's different types of dusts:

  • Tinker Dusts™ (Food Grade) - Bakell's very own unique edible product; the perfect mix between edible glitter with the shine of luster dusts! These dusts come in a large variety of colors with a lustrous, sparkle and shine. Similar to Discos, but with a slightly silkier texture and all food grade products! They are also lovely sprinkled on frosting, whip cream or brushed on chocolate covered strawberries!
  • Luster Dusts (Food Grade) - Are very shiny fine grain edible pearlized powder! typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted or airbrushed.
  • Dazzlers Dusts & Hologram Dusts (Non-Toxic) - Are very shiny, glittery, non-toxic decorating sprinkle intended for decoration.
  • Petal Dusts (Food Grade) - Are very fine powder edible dusts, with vibrant matte colors, these are most often used for projects such as edible flower brushing!
  • Highlighter Dusts (Non-Edible for Decor use only) - Deep toned pearl sparkle dusts, very similar to luster dusts!
  • Click Here to read our blog: Difference between dusts & powders

Airbrushed Gold Luster Dust Video:
Airbrush Gun Kits with Compressor can be purchased HERE


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