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FAST SHIPPING: Orders placed as "priority" or "expedited" will ship from our facilities within ONE business day!
FAST SHIPPING: Orders placed as "priority" or "expedited" will ship from our facilities within ONE business day!
New! Edible Glitter & Dusts

New! Edible Glitter & Dusts

Edible glitter is a hot topic in baking and cooking circles right now, and with good reason – edible glitters and dusts add a brand-new level of visual excitement to anything you whip up in the kitchen to make gold glitter cakes!

Our new range of edible glitters and edible dusts encompasses every colors and types you can imagine (and some you probably have not!). This includes:  

  • A variety of colors! Pick your favorite from edible gold glitter, rose gold, black, white, and galaxy, to edible silver glitter, rainbow, pearl, red edible glitter and many more.
  • Different sizes to suit your needs. We offer our edible glitter in jars of 5g, 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb, and even a spray pump (a clever way to keep your hands clean while you decorate).
  • Combo packs in different colors. Buy your glitter dust in bulk to save big on a variety of colors.
  • Gift sets for special occasions. Treat the baker in your lie to themed glitter sets like our St Patrick's Day gold & green Tinker Dust® set or 4th of July pump set.

Everything from cute cupcakes to delicious fondant molds, dazzling cake pops to shimmery cocktails, and even some seductive savory dishes can be upgraded from the same-old, same-old foods and treats into something truly dazzling and delicious.This is why we dispatched our team of Bakell baking enthusiasts to source the most comprehensive selection of lustrous, shimmering baking and cooking essentials you have ever come across. 

We hope you have a ball of a time playing around with the magic colors and bling-bling edible glitter & sparkle dust at the best price possible!

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