Luster Dust Pump - The Ultimate Fine Grain Dust Accessory

by Bakell
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Perfect for that even "dust spray" across you product! This dust pump works amazing with luster, petal and other fine grain dusts. *Note: it is not advised for thicker grained dusts such as our Disco Dazzlers™

We love this for spraying luster dust over cupcake icing to add some sparkle!


~Understanding Bakell's different types of dusts~

Tinker Dusts™ (Food Grade) - Bakell's very own unique edible product; the perfect mix between edible glitter with the shine of luster dusts! These dusts come in a large variety of colors with a lustrous, sparkle and shine. Similar to Discos, but with a slightly silkier texture and all food grade products! Tinker Dusts™ look AMAZING in beer or cocktails with a swirly shine that lasts all night! They are also lovely sprinkled on frosting, whip cream or brushed on chocolate covered strawberries!

Luster Dusts (Food Grade) - Are very shiny fine grain edible pearlized powder! typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted or airbrushed.

Disco Dazzlers & Hologram Dusts (Non-Toxic) - Are very shiny, glittery, non-toxic decorating sprinkle intended for decoration.

Petal Dusts (Food Grade) - Are very fine powder edible dusts, with vibrant matte colors, these are most often used for projects such as edible flower brushing!

Highlighter Dusts (Non-Edible for Decor use only) - Deep toned pearl sparkle dusts, very similar to luster dusts!

Airbrushed Gold Luster Dust Video:
*Airbrush Gun Kits with Compressor can be purchased HERE


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