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Frankenstein's Wife Krazy Sprinkles Halloween Combo Pack Collection (4 PC SET)

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Dress up your Halloween treats with Frankenstein's Wife Krazy Sprinkles – now 10% off!

Sure, you can do the same-old, same-old for Halloween this year (yawn!), or you can turn up the volume on your creativity in the kitchen with this fantastic selection of Frankenstein's Wife Krazy Sprinkles. With this great variety of skull shape sprinkles, silver mini pearls, bones sprinkles and silver pearl sugar sand at your disposal, there is no end to the awesome treats you can dream up.

The truly awesome thing about the Bakell® Krazy Sprinkles® collection is that it is safe for all your guests. Whether you are having over family and friends for a festive Old Hallows Eve party, or simply look forward to handing out some bone-chilling cupcakes and creepy candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters, this FDA-compliant, Halal-friendly decorations will ensure that everyone can indulge.

This 4-piece combo pack includes the following products;

  • 1x Skulls Sprinkles Shapes (1/2 Cup)
  • 1x Silver Mini Pearl Sprinkle Beads (1/2 Cup)
  • 1x Bones Sprinkles Shapes (1/2 Cup)
  • 1x Silver Pearl Sugar Sand (1/2 Cup)

Our Krazy Sprinkles® collection of sprinkles brings you the highest quality sprinkle-shapes on the market! With a variety of beautiful colors to choose from and amazing quality you can trust, easily bring your baked goods to life! Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company brings you the absolute best in both quality & value and is the trusted brand in the industry!