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SAVE From 19% on Summer Collection - Edible Summer Glitter - Bakell

Summer Collection

Shop the Ultimate Collection of Summertime Baking & Decorating Must-Haves from Bakell

You’d think we’d be used to the particular magic of summer by now, but every time the sun pokes out its head in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s like YES, let’s get a little silly and celebrate! This year the Bakell team has rounded up a fantastic selection of baking and decorating must-haves to help you do just that! This includes everything from holographic glitter and edible gold flakes, to iridescent confetti and bioluminescent glitter.

In short, if you need something edible to shimmer and shine, and look absolutely gorgeous on your summertime table or in-store display, we’ve got you covered. Take a look below, choose your favorites and save big on this season’s hottest baking and decorating accessories from Bakell. It’s not every day that you get super deals on these hot commodities, so take the opportunity to stock up!

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