4th of July 3 Color Set! Red, White & Blue Decorating Dazzler Dust 5g Jar's | Bakell


by Bakell

Dazzler Dusts & Hologram Dusts - Are very shiny, glittery, non toxic decorating dusts. Hologram dusts generally have more "rainbow" sheen's to them, but both dazzler & hologram dusts in very sparkly, shiny dusts perfect for sprinkling on your product or project of choice!

Click here to learn more about our different types of dusts, videos, use images & how to's!

We offer a wide variety of beautiful dusts for all of your baking, coffee latte or even crafting needs! Dusts can be brushed on dry, mixed with solvent, painted sprinkled or airbrushed on depending on your desired look!

Which Dusts are Edible? Our Tinker, Luster & Petal Dusts are all Food Grade Edible Dusts. However the Dazzler, Hologram & Highlighter Dusts are only considered Non-Toxic by the FDA.

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