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Would you like to sample a few of our Dusts? Simply order this listing and we will send out a FREE variety sample pack! If you already have other items you're purchasing and still want to order the samples; still simply add this item to your cart and checkout like normal with the rest of your items! *Only 1 of the free variety packs are sent for each customer, however feel free to purchase as many of the color upgrades as you would like!

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We offer a wide range of beautiful dusts! With a huge variety of Disco, Hologram, Luster, Jewel, Pearl, Petal, Highlighter & Sparkle Dusts we have a color and variety for all of your baking, latte or even crafting needs! Dusts can be brushed on dry, mixed with solvent, painted or sprinkled depending on your desired look, see below for additional details on our different types of edible and decorating dusts.

     Understanding the different types of dusts:

     Jewel Dusts (Edible Food Grade) - Are a very potent and shiny edible dust, very similar to Disco dusts, but with a slightly silkier texture.

     Luster Dusts (Edible Food Grade) - Are a much finer powder than the Disco Dusts but still very shiny with brilliant pearlizer tones in each color shade, these are typically brushed on or mixed with a liquid and painted or airbrushed on as seen in our video shown below.

     Disco & Hologram Dusts (Non Toxic) - Are very shiny, glittery, non toxic decorating dusts. *Note: almost all of our dusts are edible and food grade such as our luster, petal and jewel dusts, however disco & hologram dusts are only considered non toxic.

     Petal Dusts (Edible Food Grade) - Are brilliant colored and very fine powder dusts, with less pearlizer and more solid colors these are absolutely lovely for projects such as for flower decorating!

     Highlighter Dusts (Non Toxic) - Deep toned pearl dusts, very similar to luster dusts. *Note: almost all of our dusts are edible and food grade such as our luster, petal and jewel dusts, however highlighter dusts are only considered non toxic.

Bakell constantly strives to offer the absolute best in quality, superior customer service, fast shipping and the lowest prices online!

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