White Tinker Dust, Bulk Size (25g, 50g or 1 LB) | Edible Food Grade Glitter

by Bakell

Tinker Dusts™ - Are a very potent, shiny, edible glitter-dust used for cake & cookie decorating, confectionery crafts & baking! We use only FDA approved ingredients so these dusts are 100% consumable. These shiny sparkle dusts are very similar to the Dazzler Dusts™, but with a slightly silkier texture & use only edible food grade and food safe ingredients!

Our bulk size Tinker Dusts come in 25g jars, 50g jars and 1 lb bags at significant price reductions compared to our standard single 4g jar prices -- our bulk sizes are perfect for large parties, bakeries, custom cake shops, catering companies, wedding party planners or restaurants looking for steep discounts & wholesale pricing. Below is an easy to understand breakdown at the price per/ gram depending on how much you need - save up 60% when you buy in bulk!

Click here to learn more about our different types of dusts, videos, use images & how to's!

We offer a wide variety of beautiful dusts for all of your baking, coffee latte or even crafting needs! Dusts can be brushed on dry, mixed with solvent, painted sprinkled or airbrushed on depending on your desired look!

Which Dusts are Edible? Our Tinker DustsLuster & Petal Dusts are all Food Grade Edible Dusts. However the DazzlerHologram & Highlighter Dusts are only considered Non-Toxic by the FDA.


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