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Whether you are a professional baker or an occasional at-home dabbler in the art of creating delicious treats, this donut mold deserves a place of honor among your baking accouterment. Mini silicone molds are the perfect way to create picture-perfect donuts that can be baked instead of fried, which obviously makes these lovely treats completely guilt-free...

Our donut molds can also be used to create everything from soaps and crayons to jellies and candies - just be sure to use your donut silicone mold for either crafts or baking (not both). This mini donut silicone mold has been crafted from 100% food-grade platinum silicone that is nice and flexible and completely non-stick, which means your creations will slip out intact without the need for any prior greasing. 

Need some more convincing to pop this mini donut silicone mold in your online shopping cart? No problem! This donuts mold is durable, suitable for use in both the freezer and the oven, completely odorless and hygienic, and it can be popped in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning once you're done. How's that for convenient? Now all you need to do is dust off your favorite donut recipe and get to work creating the ultimate treat. 

Size: Approx., 1" x 1"
Material: Silicone

Package Includes: 1 Round Silicone Mold. Flexible and durable. Heat resistance. Non-stick silicone for easy removal!  Creates 1 small donut.

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