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mummy milano halloween cookies

Mummy Milano Halloween Cookies

Looking for the perfect snack for Halloweek? To achieve these delicious Milano Glitter Halloween Cookies we used our Black 4mm Beads, Black Tinker Dust, and Silver Tinker Dust! Shop our Halloween Collection to create a large variation of the most adorable spooky...

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Star of Wonder Cookies with Bakell® | Blogs & Recipes!

Star of Wonder Shortbread Cookies

Have you started your holiday cookie baking yet? Try out our Star of Wonder Shortbread Cookie recipe with a sparkly peppermint glaze using our favorite star cookie cutters and Tinker Dust®!
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Perfect Vanilla Snowman Cupcakes-Bakell

Perfect Vanilla Snowman Cupcakes

With Christmas around the corner, we decided to whip up one of our favorite cupcake recipes! This is an easy cupcake recipe that will leave you and your guests begging for more! Knowing us, we had to take this opportunity to dress up our cupcakes with our Snowman cupcake liners and our Soft Blue Tinker Dust®...
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Bakell's Very Own Fondant Recipe ~ | Updates, Recipes & Decorating Tips from

Bakell's Very Own Fondant Recipe ~

From Scratch! Working with Fondant is by far my favorite, whether covering cakes or decorating, I like buttercream and enjoy working with it... But I LOVE working with Fondant! For me, the biggest draw back in this was always the price! Fondant is so expensive. The saving grace for my fondant passion took place about 8 [...]
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