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Differences between our NEW! Edible Decorating Dusts & Other Dusts or Powders?

Is Luster Dust the Same As Petal Dust, Sparkle Dust, Disco Dust, or Highlighter Dust? Well, Luster Dust is sometimes used as a catch-all term for a family of "decorative dusts," including petal dust, pearl dust, sparkle dust, disco dust, and highlighter dust, but these dusts are not all the same. Although they are all used for cake decorating, they have different properties and produce different effects. Here is a small blurb about the primary baking dusts....
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Bakell Mobile | The new Bakell mobile app is now available for download!

Bakell Announces Release of New Mobile App!

Bakell, the #1 leader of edible glitter, cake decorating tools, kitchen utensils & baking supplies, has gone mobile! The new Bakell mobile app is now available! Click here to read full article. REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2018  The...

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