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Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with Heart-Shaped Marshmallows-Bakell

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with Heart-Shaped Marshmallows

What’s better than snuggling by the fire with your sweetheart?

Why snuggling by the fire with your sweetheart and a cup of creamy dreamy hot chocolate, that’s what! We’ll never turn down a cup of piping hot cocoa, warming our hands and our heart on a chilly winter’s day.

Throwing a powdery envelope into a mug with some boiling waterworks, but we like it velvety rich and made over the stovetop. In honor of heart day, we added a twist, tossing our Petal Dust straight into the mix. 

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Star of Wonder Cookies with Bakell® | Blogs & Recipes!

Star of Wonder Shortbread Cookies

Have you started your holiday cookie baking yet? Try out our Star of Wonder Shortbread Cookie recipe with a sparkly peppermint glaze using our favorite star cookie cutters and Tinker Dust®!
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A Halloween Party with Bakell!-Bakell

A Halloween Party with Bakell!

The Bakell team gets together to celebrate the spookiest day of all! Kids in costume, trick or treating, pumpkins galore, and best of all… the treats! We served a fruit tray, chips & dip, and a salad, sure, but that wasn’t the fare the many Spidermen & Unicorn Princesses were asking for!
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Halloween Pretzel + Popcorn Bark-Bakell

Halloween Pretzel + Popcorn Bark

Halloween can be the start of a very busy season for us all, and the pressure to make party treats and décor! Our edible Tinker Dust Glitters are a great finish to any of your baked goods to create an extra spooky effect!
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Decorate the Perfect Peach Pie Using Edible Glitter |

An Unexpected Way to Decorate the Perfect Peach Pie!

Let’s Talk About Pie. More Specifically, Decorating Your Pie Crust!  Developing a good pie filling is an art in itself. We’re partial to fruit pies, pies with a double crust that seals in the tangy-sweet, decadent fruit filling beneath, with...

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Valentine's Day Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe |

Valentine Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

This recipe is an amazingly TASTY recipe! If you love Valentine's Day and you love Peanut Butter cookies, then you hit the jack pot with this Valentine's Peanut Butter cookie recipe! We used peanut butter in place of the butter...

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Holiday Cake Pops Recipe Made Easy!

Holiday cake pops made easy! This is a fun recipe for making cake pops using store bought cake mix! Its fast, easy & they look amazing! Use our new edible glitters & dusts to add sparkle & pizzaz! Bakell is the #1 site for edible glitters, dusts & cake decorating supplies!
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