Buy your favorite Sprinkles Mix online at the best prices from Bakell.com

If you think your sprinkle game is strong, just wait until you see the custom-crafted sprinkles mix selection brought to you by the passionate in-house decoration team at Bakell. Our sprinkles mixes are legendary and with good reason - when you buy sprinkles you want to add color and vibe to your cakes and bakes, and that's exactly what our variety packs allow you to do. Each sprinkles pack goes above and beyond what you expect of baking supplies to surprise and delight with lots of interesting visual juxtaposition and all sorts of 100% edible craziness. If we were in the visual arts business, this would be our Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo collection – big on color, over the top, non-apologetic and filled to the brim with all sorts of things that will get the people talking. Available in 1/2 cup, 1 lb, 5 lb & 10 lb sizes!

TOP TIP: Krazy Sprinkles® hand crafted sprinkle mixes for sale are the ideal way to showcase a visual theme at a party or occasion. Our mixes are often created with particular holidays in mind, so take a look to find the deluxe sprinkles variety pack that speaks to your theme. There are plenty to choose from and it will really set your celebratory bakes apart from the rest!


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