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Our selection of Krazy Sprinkles® edible small beads are one of our classic decoration collections that never seem to lose their appeal. These classic 1-2 mm mini beads come in a whole array of colors - white, silver, orange, purple, pearl, you name it! - and can be used to cover just about any beautiful baked treat you can think of. Cake pops? Yes! Huge big birthday cakes? Yes, sirree! Picture-perfect cupcakes for holiday celebrations or office parties? Totally.

If you're wondering where to buy small beads at the best prices, you can stop right here. Our edible candy beads are some of the most affordable at the market because we bring our FDA-approved products to you at factory direct rates. So, go on – stock up and get ready to decorate up a storm!

 TOP TIP: Krazy Sprinkles® mini beads are the go-to sprinkles choice for many decorators. If you've been using it at your bakery, or for personal cakes and bakes, we'd love to see your creations. Share your pictures on Facebook or other social media platforms and tags us! 

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