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Contract Manufacturing, Custom Labels, & Copacker 

Bakell is a leading copacker and manufacturer with exceptional capabilities. We specialize in contract manufacturing, custom label solutions, and dry blending manufacturing and copacking.

All Copacking Machine Capabilities

Dry Blender Mixing & Copacking

At Bakell, we understand the importance of quick & accurate dry blending for wholesalers and brand partners. Bakell's state-of-the-art dry blend mixing machine and copacking capabilities allow us to provide custom powder mix solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. With our advanced equipment, we can deliver high-quality blends with exceptional consistency.

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Copacking Capabilities

heat sealing machine for products near me |

Heat Sealing Services

  • Ensures tamper-evident packaging
  • Quick & efficient cuts lead times
  • Tight seal technology ensure freshness
  • Protects products against moisture and air
dry mix filling machine near me |

Dry Mixing Services

  • Fill and seal small satchets to large pouches
  • Prevents contamination and leaks
  • Precise & consistent material filling
  • Perfect for powder mixes and seasoning blends
powder pouch filling machine near me |

Sachet Filling Services

  • Ideal for single-serving powder mixes
  • Carefully package fine particulates
  • Expertise in handling powder foods
  • Rapid powder filling solution
air pillow packaging machines near me |

Air Pillow Packaging Services

  • Provides excellent packaging and security during transit
  • Premium film provides stronger resistance to damage
  • Automated process guarantees consistent protection
  • Cuts down on time it takes to fulfill orders
stick pack packaging machine near me |

 Stick Pack Services

  • Single-serving packages for powders & granules
  • Optimal cutting & packing procedure for lightweight sticks
  • Flexible material web for sturdy stick structure
  • Stick pack machine copacking for dry foods
product label application machine near me |

Labeling Services

  • Applies high-quality labels to all packaging
  • Applies labels to containers, beverage packaging, & more
  • Quality control prevents mislabels for accuracy & positioning
  • Strong adhesive for shrink sleeves & pressure sensitive labels
product label printing machine near me |

Print Design and Printing Services

  • Allows for customized label printing
  • Add logos, graphics, info specific to your brand
  • In-house capabilities for expedited service
  • CMYK 4/0 full color printing
heat shrink wrap packaging near me |

Shrink-wrapping and Full-Stack Palletization Services

  • Provides a tight film to enshrine products
  • Great for bundling various items
  • Customizable kits based on project
  • Guards from dust & moisture

Bakell® Certificates

gmp certified company near me |

Production assurance certificate ensures that food products are consistently produced and controlled according to strict quality standards.

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kosher pareve certified company near me |

Ensures food products are prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws, and do not contain any non-kosher ingredients or prohibited combinations of ingredients.

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haccp certified products near me |

Internationally recognized food safety management system that identifies and controls potential hazards in the food production process.

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made in america products near me |

Food & ingredients manufacturer that packages, produces, and ships its products out of its Southern California facilities here in the USA

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fda registered facility near me |

Bakell® produces and packages all of its products inside FDA registered facilities to ensure safety quality across all our offers.

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sqf certified facility for food manufacturers near me |

SQF Level III Certification across Bakell's facilities ensures our manufacturing process is up to code for the most stringent food quality practice, and is globally recognized by the GFSI.

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Capabilities: People Also Ask

A copacker, or contract packager, is an industry partner who applies primary packaging to a range of products. Copacking companies help partners bring down the overall cost of packaging and shipping to bridge logistics for bringing on new products. In the food industry particularly, a copacker with ample certificates can provide confidence and reliance for brand partners to assure food quality & safety.