Buy Cake Pop Straws In Bulk


Stock Up! Buy Cake Pop Straws in Bulk at Wholesale Prices from Bakell

Looking to buy paper straws in bulk? You've come to the right place, then. We've got a wide range of exceptionally durable paper straws for sale in a variety of eye-catching prints. Get in on our wholesale paper straw prices when you buy 500 CT, 2000 CT, or 5000 CT.

This is the ideal option for professional bakers who often get cake pops bulk orders when customers want to buy 100 cake pops or more for birthday parties, corporate events, etc. Instead of shopping for cake pop sticks every time, you can now pick your favorites right here and get a bulk shipment sent your way. Best of all - these large orders are subject to some nice savings to boot.

Of course, our bulk paper straws are not only suitable for cake pops. You can also use it as swizzle sticks, crafting materials, or good old sipping straws. So get in touch if you want to buy bulk paper straws for cake pops or any decorative purposes by placing your order right here on Buying paper straws wholesale has never been this simple.

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