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Buy Wholesale Bulk Sprinkles at The Best Rates in the Business

Professional bakers, prolific cookie-makers and enthusiastic sprinkle lovers, assemble! We've got some excellent news. From this day forward, there is no more need to wonder where to buy sprinkles in large quantities because we've made buying in bulk easy, simple and fast!

After all, Bakell® is one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of confectionery supplies in the USA, and that means sprinkles too. But what does it mean for you? In short, it means we have every type of edible sprinkles and cake confetti you need, exactly when you need it, and ready for delivery via super-fast shipping with no lagging lead-times.

Best of all, when you bulk buy from Bakell® you get wholesale prices and FREE shipping in the US! There is nothing we love better than to give our shoppers the best deals possible on baking supplies and confectionary must-haves, so we take particular pride in the excellent rates we are able to offer on everything from gold pearls and pink pearl confetti, to sprinkles shaped like snowflakes, graduation caps and baby onesies - all by the case, of course.

Get Krazy, go decorate with Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company!

So whether you are on the lookout for lavender baking sprinkles to decorate easter cupcakes, keeping your eyes peeled for wholesale rainbow jimmies to transform a gigantic birthday cake, or shopping around for Christmas nonpareils to doll up a gingerbread house, you know where you should be shopping…

DID YOU KNOW? Fun facts about sprinkles!

While we’re on the topic of confectionary toppings, did you know that people in other countries (and certain parts of the US, for that matter), have different names for the humble sprinkle? By now, we’re sure you’ve heard it referred to as ‘jimmies’ – that’s a pretty common name for these little sugary treats over here.

The origin of that name is pretty interesting. To be fair, there are a few theories as to where exactly it originated, but we like this one. Once upon a time there was a US candy company that started to produce decorative confectionery made with sugar and starch in Brooklyn, New York.

The man who operated this particular machine was called James (or Jimmy to his friends and colleagues), and since the little candy toppings didn't have a name yet, that is what they started calling it - Jimmies. The name stuck and the candy company eventually started using it as a registered trademark.

However, hop across the pond to jolly old England (or any British colony for that matter) and all of a sudden you’ll find people referring to the colourful cookie toppings as ‘hundreds and thousands’ and, wait for it, putting it on their bread! With butter! No kidding.

Australians like to decorate their gourmet sarmies with rainbow sprinkles – they call it ‘fairy bread’ – while the Dutch stick to chocolate jimmies – called ‘hagelslag’, which translates to ‘hail storm’. Strange, but true!

Go a little further back in history, and yet another name crops up, this one in fancy French, no less! Nonpareils is French for 'without compare' or 'without equal', which leads us to believe that the person who named it really, really loved the little coloured balls. We tend to share the notion to be honest - after all, there is nothing quite like a handful of rainbow-coloured deliciousness to dial up the YAY on anything freshly baked.

So, there you have it – a whole bunch of interesting things we bet you didn’t know about everyone’s favourite cupcake topping. What are you waiting for – get Krazy, go decorate with Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company! We’re making bulk buying wholesale sprinkles quick, simple and cheap-cheap.

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