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Cake Pop Straws

Buy Paper Straws for Cake Pop Sticks from & Save Big!

Cake pop sticks don't need to be expensive when you get a little creative with the supplies you use. Instead of spending top dollar on single-use sticks, buy bulk party straws online right here at and get the best value for money and widest variety of prints and colors.

Paper candy straws for drinks are ideal as cake pop sticks because you can buy it in large quantities to suit your needs. Best of all - these retro paper straws are also perfect for party tables, candy buffet, wedding, baby showers and more. Double whammy!


TOP TIP: What can I use for cake pop sticks? Paper straws! Environmentally friendly party ideas are all the rage and using paper straws for cake pops is a great way to save big on bulk online purchases while also treading lightly on the earth. Just make sure to remind your party guests to keep the bulk straws aside so it can be home composted later!


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