Edible Glitter & Dust Packs

Order Your Edible Glitter Sets & Dust Combo Packs now & save! 

The saying goes that less is more, but at Bakell we tend to disagree. When it comes to our glitter sets and edible dust combo packs we believe that more is most definitely more! This is why we have gone out of our way to create awesome combinations of our most popular edible glitters and dusts along certain crowd-pleasing decorating themes like big holidays and more.

Now, instead of having to uhm and ah about which colors and hues to combine, you can simply pop a combo pack in your cart and get ready to enjoy the creative freedom of a gorgeous palette of edible glitters. How’s that for amazing?


TOP TIP: If you ever feel a little stuck on inspiration for your next big bake, a glitter set is a great way to help those creative juices run free. Invest in a few combo packs to keep in the cupboard and whip it out when you get stuck. Before you know it, the interesting combinations of shimmery, shiny colors will pave the way for truly inspired creations. After all, if you don’t have the tools you can’t make the art, so set yourself up for success with Bakell edible glitter and dusts.

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