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EU Compliant Private Label

Buy EU Compliant Edible Glitter in Private Label

Bakell has developed a convenient and simple way of selling our products with your brand label and name. Our private label program allows you to be in complete compliance with the European Commission Food Safety by not having a product with Titanium Dioxide present. 

Just recently, there was a law passed for all of the European Union that requires all businesses to immediately stop including the E171 ingredient in foods. Titanium Dioxide is a food coloring additive that most other countries continue to see as food-grade safe.

Does EU regulate food? Yes, the European Union have adopted a process that requires food business establishments to prove a regular food safety culture and improve if required. 

Who regulates practices for food safety in the EU? The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for proper regulation of food businesses.

What foods are E171 found in? E171 is found in a great amount of food products such as sandwich spreads, salad dressings, baked treats, frosting etc. 

Simply add the number of units you plan on private labeling and then submit to us via contact form via listing label details and a representative will reach out to expedite the process! 

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