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Bakell® is very proud to be the developers of Krazy Sprinkles®, and to bring it to you at unbeatable factory direct prices. After all, as one of the leading sprinkles companies in the US, it's always been our goal to offer professional bakers and home decorating enthusiasts alike a wide variety of high-quality edible candy sprinkles that go far beyond the same-old, same-old. This is why our kosher and Halal-friendly sprinkle Krazy mixes feature everything from cartoons and holiday-specific combinations for Halloween and Thanksgiving, to all the colors of the rainbow - think teal, black and white, gold and more!

Best of all, when you choose our sprinkle mixes, you can rest assured that everyone will be able to enjoy the fruits of your baking labor – it features 100% FDA approved ingredients.

TOP TIP: When you buy edible sprinkles online for cakes or drinks, you get more buying choices when you go straight to the source. From fancy mixes to good old-fashioned rainbow jimmies and chocolate sprinkles, we are able to give you the best prices because we make and manufacture our own, right here in the US.


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