Tinker Dust 45g Shakers

Our best edible Dust Shaker Collection at great prices!

If there ever was a fun disco shaker that will take your baking endeavors to a whole new level it has to be our awesome 45g Tinker Dust® shaker bottle. These bulk shakers make it so simple to use our shimmery food-grade glitter in all sorts of ways while keeping your clothes and hands shine-free from start to finish. Plus, it's available in all your favorite colors, from soft rose gold and silver, to white pearl, neon green and more!

Now you can create in three easy steps - flip open the lid, sprinkle to your heart's content, snap it closed again and you're done and dusted. The handy shaker makes even coating a breeze. You've got to try it to believe it!


TOP TIP: You can buy Tinker Dust® large size 45g shakers for easy to sprinkle application in bulk as well to get great discounts when you have big projects. This shaker with sifter cup collection is ideal to use when decorating cakes, cookies, and gorgeous cupcakes. Not to mention fondant confections, single-serving cake pops and even fancy drinks or warm beverages at parties (or at home!).

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