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FAST SHIPPING: Orders placed as "priority" or "expedited" will ship from our facilities within ONE business day!
FAST SHIPPING: Orders placed as "priority" or "expedited" will ship from our facilities within ONE business day!

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Are you ready to get in on some top deals this Amazon Prime Day? Over here at Bakell, our team has been hard at work selecting an array of prime dusts to get you inspired to bake up a storm these holidays. Stock up now and get ready to wow friends and family with your imaginative festive treats. Go on - you deserve these Amazon Prime Day treats from Bakell. 

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How to get the BEST Amazon Deals?

What is Amazon Prime Day and how does it work?

Amazon Prime Day falls on 13 and 14 October this year and is exclusive to Prime members. This is the time of the year when we get to bring you to TWO DAYS OF TOP DEALS on the absolute best baking supplies to buy online. It is one of the best ways to get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership in our opinion.

We decided to bring this amazing event to our website.

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Emilie Frank

Retail Store Manager

I buy wholesale & stock the Bakell® brand Luster Dusts & their Tinker Dust® in my Retail Store! The feedback from customers is unmatched, and the product flies off the shelf! The customer support I receive from their support team is top-notch!  Whenever myself or my employees need help to answer questions about their products, they get back to us in a flash - they really know their stuff! If you are a retailer or want to buy decorating supplies wholesale, I highly recommend buying wholesale from Bakell.com! Their prices are unbeatable, the online experience is great, everything is in stock, our margins are over 70% and the customer support is amazing!

Lewis Todd

Bar & Restaurant Owner

I own chain of restaurants & bars and was looking for a product that could add some excitement and sales revenue to my menu. Well, after looking everywhere for something different, and that would separate me from my competition, I finally found it... Brew Glitter® edible glitter for drinks and beverages! If you haven't used it, seen it, or heard of it... check it out! The product revolutionized my bar and increased sales for restaurants & bars! is available at www.bakell.com and at www.brewglitter.com . I also needed a company that sold wholesale because we buy in large bulk quantities, well they had that covered too! Incredible product, amazing experience!

Maria Holmes

Distribution Partner

We have been a distributor of Bakell® brand products for nearly 2 years and the partnership couldn't be better! Bakell® helps us maintain great margins in our retail stores, they sell high-quality products and the repurchase customer rate is nearly 3x compared to "like products" we also distribute/ resell. What I like most is they have amazing customer support when product questions come up, fast turnaround times - they have saved me more than once, that's for sure! Bakell® will stay in our distributor portfolio as a key partner for years to come. If you are looking to launch a new category, product or brand with great margins, buy from Bakell.com!

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Since 2016, The Bakell® Group has been the comprehensive eCommerce & eWholesale destination for passion-driven baking products, edible glitters & food brands. With unique and innovative brands such as Bakell®, Brew Glitter®, Krazy Sprinkles® and Tinker Dust® to name a few, The Bakell® Group has successfully created and scaled market-leading companies, empowering a lifestyle of self-expression & creativity one individual at a time.

With over 250,000 products shipped in 2019 alone and one the USA's largest assortment of edible glitters, luster dusts and edible sprinkles (plus all of your other kitchen, baking & decorating familiar favorites), we make it easy to make choices you can trust! We deliver a quick, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experience, because we listen and we know what matters to you! Bakell® has been a 5 STAR seller since the beginning, and always will be because our motto is simple.

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