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Become a Bakell® Distributor

Become a Bakell® Brand Distributor | Buy Wholesale | Edible Glitter, Edible Sprinkles, Cake Decorating Supplies

Bakell® is committed to growing the brand as efficiently and as quickly as possible by enabling distributors across the globe! We are currently looking to partner with both US & International Distributors to take the Bakell® brands worldwide! Buy wholesale, and become profitable distributor today! To start purchasing wholesale & start distributing, click here.

When you become a Bakell® distributor, you will create an instant new profit center. With Bakell® edible glitter products you will build a profitable business without expensive overhead, inventory or special equipment. We make the product, we own the product, and there is nothing like it in the market!

When you become a Bakell® distribution partner, you get the benefits of working with a large company, but with the touch of one-to-one customer service and affordable pricing. Our customer service representatives will ensure that you receive your orders on time, every time. With Bakell®, you get the strength and stability of a well operated organization, paired with the small-town customer service experience!

We will be limiting distribution partnerships to high volume buyers. US and International Distribution minimum order quantity (MOQ) price tiers can be found by clicking here

Difference Between Wholesale & Distribution

Becoming an authorized Bakell® distribution partner means we will not sell wholesale to any customers in your market and/ or region(s), your region would be considered "locked-down." A locked-down distribution territory means we will not sell to any reseller or retailer within a 90-mile radius of your establishment or defined region, it's all yours! This is done to protect your sales, your margins and to protect your physical retail sales footprint. We want customers buying from you and then keep coming back for more! To become a Bakell® Brand distributor and own a region and/ or territory, it is required that the distributor/ reseller maintains the following; 1) Spends a minimum of $12,000 per/ quarter 2) maintains positive payment history against the account 3) no expansive/ escalated customer service issues 4) If quarterly spend increases to $24,000 per/ quarter, the lock-down mileage distance increases to a 180 mile radius 5) If spend per quarter exceeds $24,000 Bakell will further improve lock-down radius based on a case-by cases basis. To buy wholesale and start distributing, click here.

Ready to join the Bakell® network? It’s easy!

If you would like to purchase our products wholesale and start distributing, here are a few food-grade compliance items that you can review;

    • To purchase Bakell® brand products wholesale, click here 
    • Tinker Dust® edible glitter technical specs/ ingredients/ FDA & EU compliance information, click here
    • Brew Glitter® edible glitter technical specs/ ingredients/ FDA & EU compliance information, click here
    • Luster Dust edible glitter technical specs/ ingredients/ FDA & EU compliance information, click here

Still Have Questions

If you have questions about our domestic or international distributor program, email us at or call +1 (800) 292-2137 and ask to speak to the sales department for more information.