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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging for Small Businesses 

Bakell provides custom packaging for your products, designed to fit perfectly and promote your brand. Your product deserves to stand out and Bakell helps make that happen.

Custom Packaging Services

Custom Packaging for Businesses, Big and Small

Bakell's custom packaging is designed to your product's exact specifications and your brand's aesthetic. Use Bakell's contract packaging to make an impact with attractive custom packages to showcase product and promote sales. No matter if your business is big or small, we're happy to meet your custom packaging needs! With Bakell's in house artists, you're guaranteed beautiful custom packaging design every time.

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Custom Packaging for Marketing

Custom packaging serves as a marketing tool that can help businesses increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. High-quality custom food packaging can help businesses stand out and create a lasting impression on their customers.

At Bakell, we understand the importance of product packaging. We work with our clients to design custom packaging that reflects their brand image and values. This goes beyond what shows on the label.

By combining valuable insights from clients and in-house designers, we can source packaging to fit the needs & voices of different accounts. It's a careful balance, and Bakell is happy to strike it to give people the tools and opportunity to create something unique.

All Capabilities

Custom Packaging Boxes

Our product packaging design services include creating unique shapes, colors, and graphics that help our clients' products stand out on the shelves. Creating packaging custom designs ensures that the finished box is both functional and visually appealing.

Custom product packaging is essential for any business that wants to create a strong brand image. It is the first thing that customers see when they interact with a product, and it can make or break their purchasing decisions.  We create custom packaging boxes, custom food packaging, custom product packaging, and custom box packaging that are tailored to our clients' specific needs. With Bakell, you can design custom labels for packaging and custom packaging stickers to help enhance your branding efforts.

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Custom labels for packaging 

  • Vibrant and high-quality printing
  • Multiple sticker shapes and sizes available
  • Customized to fit your brand and product
  • Fully custimizable for your needs
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done quick

  • Work with partners to reduce lead times
  • Products direct from the manufacturer
  • Ship & package products at scale
  • Backed by industry-leading customer service
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Custom food

  • Custom packaging designed for your specific product
  • Food safe packaging
  • Can work through a variety of packaging options
  • Tailored experience across partners
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Product packaging

  • Reliable material for transit
  • Full label design assistance
  • Rapid prototyping to bring your design to life quickly
  • Collaborative design process with our expert designers

Custom Packaging FAQ

To make the most creative food packaging for your brand, consider the product you're packaging and audience. Whether you're trying to convey luxury lifestyle or something more aesthetically forward, it's important to define your style. Then think about the shape and size of the product. Then bring it all together with the graphics, colors, and fonts you plan to incorporate into the final design.

Bakell can help companies along the creative process to achieve the final look they want.