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Bakell® Fondant Storage Tips

How long will Bakell Fondant be good to use after I first open it?

Assuming you do not introduce moisture into the pail and it is sealed properly again, it is good for at least six months after being opened. Chocolate fondant will last about three months. Please note that all of our Fondant can be stored at an ambient temperature, except Chocolate, which we recommend refrigerating after opening.

What is the shelf life of a cake covered with Bakell Fondant?

When applied correctly, Bakell Fondant seals the cake, which extends the shelf life. This is very helpful when making cakes in advance and you can then choose to leave it at room temperature, refrigerate or even freeze depending on your needs:

 A boxed, fondant-covered cake at room temperature is good for 7-10 days. However, if it has a dairy filling this would reduce to 3-4 days, depending on filling.

Once in the refrigerator, assuming the cake is boxed, two to three weeks would be an approximate shelf life. With this being said, the more air-proof the box, the longer the shelf life.

Should I refrigerate my finished cake?

Refrigeration is not required, but is suggested if you are making cakes well in advance and/or are using a dairy-based layer under the fondant (see more on Shelf Life of a finished cake above). When refrigerating, it is best to cover your cake, or seal it in plastic wrap, as most refrigerators – standard home or commercial – have high humidity which can cause water droplets to form on your decorated cake.

If I choose to freeze my fondant covered cake, how should I thaw it properly?

Yes. If you choose to do so, we highly recommend sealing with cake with plastic wrap and then placing it in a box. This will not only protect it, but also prevent outside odors from affecting it over time.

When removing from the freezer, first move the cake to the refrigerator and let it thaw before bringing it to room temperature. When you eventually move the cake to room temperature, please remove all wrapping to prevent condensation from gathering. Do not begin any additional decorative work until the entire cake has reached room temperature.

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