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Brew Glitter FAQ: How to Keg Glitter Beer-Bakell®

Brew Glitter FAQ: How to Keg Glitter Beer

Ok, So You Have a Special Event Coming Up At Your Brewery?

You either bought our Brew Glitter® products or are thinking of buying our Brew Glitter® so you can make glitter beer!

But, just one problem, how the heck do you keg glitter beer?

Chances are, you never had to do it and just aren't sure how to keg beers & brews using "glitter"?

Well, we do know-how and we are going to tell you how today!

Brew Glitter® FAQ: Step by Step Guide to Keg Glitter Beer | Bakell.com

Tricks Of The Trade:

Here are some helpful tips and "tricks of the trade" to teach you how to keg glitter beer!

  • So first after you will want to send all the kegs through the keg washer.
  • Then pull aside the kegs you are going to use to Beer’dazzle to turn your beers into glitter beer!
  • Once you've determined which kegs those are, depressurize them and then remove the spear.
Brew Glitter® FAQ: Step by Step Guide to Keg Glitter Beer | Bakell.com
  • Next, pour the glitter into the keg through the keg spear port and then reseal the spear and locking ring.
  • Then go ahead re-pressurize the keg through a sanke connected to CO2. After you get your kegs back to the pressure that you have set for our normal kegging process, just fill like any other keg.
Brew Glitter® FAQ: Step by Step Guide to Keg Glitter Beer | Bakell.com
One last “trick of the trade” is that you may want to store all of your kegged glitter beers upside down in the cooler until you are ready to tap them. That way when we are ready to tap the beer, you just flip the keg right before which gets all the glitter back into the suspension as best as it can.
How to Keg Glitter Beer | Bakell.com

So what's all the buzz, why even put "glitter" in beer?

Glitter beers are absolutely amazing for special occasions and most certainly will WOW your customers & your staff and give you a leg up on the competition! 
Because the "specialty" glitter beers are different, people love to take selfies of them with their glitter beer so you can be sure you will get some great social media publicity for your beers and your brewery!
Happy brewing and enjoy using our Brew Glitter® products!
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