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Chocolate Geo Hearts made with Pink Tinker Dust! by our featured baker The Atlantic Cookies!-Bakell®

Chocolate Geo Hearts made with Pink Tinker Dust! by our featured baker The Atlantic Cookies!

Would you like to hear some baking secrets? 

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to help cake artists bring their cakes to life with our edible glitters, dusts and baking supplies! We are going to start featuring our favorite baker of the week on our blog to give recognition to everyone in the Bakell community! This week we have been blown out of the waters by The Atlantic Cookies using our Pink Tinker Dust!

Gold Tinker Dust Atlantic Cookies


Rachel has been baking since her childhood. It's hard to believe but she has only recently started taking it seriously. "With the right equipment and techniques, I figured I could try a more creative take on baking. My goal was to create colorful and artistic desserts. I hope to keep crafting and improving with time!" Her favorite dessert to bake are macaroons, which are a very tricky dessert to make! Macaroons originate from Italy as the flourless and unleafed cookies were made with a thick almond paste. Now, macaroons are considered a delicacy around the world and can be decorated in many unique ways! I think it's quite fascinating that baking styles, recipes and tools connect bakers around the world . Which happens to be what inspires Rachel to bake! She loves that baking allows her to connect with others on behalf of the craft. "Creating custom pieces that can surprise and bring so much joy to someone is extremely rewarding. On another level, connecting with other bakers has been encouraging. It’s a very welcoming community, and it’s helped mold my own style of baking." Being able to assist Rachel and her brand The Atlantic Cookies with edible glitter, dust and glitter is truly a blessing. "I have luster dusts, tinker dusts, and sprinkles from Bakell. I use at least one Bakell product for every custom dessert I make. My go-to is definitely the gold luster dust since every dessert looks better with gold accents! Also, desserts like cupcakes and geo hearts are never complete without some tinker dust. It’s brought such an elevated look to anything I’ve created. "

You can achieve this golden accent by applying our Gold Luster Dust on you pastries. Simply mix a bit of Gold Luster Dust with Lemon Juice to create a paint consistency and paint on as desired. This is a simple way to add an elegant gold accent onto any pastry. You can also dust your pastries with Gold Tinker Dust to create a glittery effect! 

Recreate this Chocolate GeoHeart using Pink Tinker Dust!
Chocolate Geo Heart using Pink Tinker Dust

Chocolate Geo Hearts are a simple and very cute idea to make for any event! We have been seeing this trend become very popular for bride maids invitations or gift to a significant others. I even seen bakers sneak a prize under the hollow chocolate heart dome to create a surprise smash box. You will only need three ingredients to recreate this!

You will need :

Simply start off by melting your white chocolate and adding in a teaspoon of vegetable shortening. Adding vegetable shortening is an important step as it allows you to create a watery consistency to distribute the chocolate evenly around your mold. Once your chocolate is melted add to your desired mold and distribute the chocolate evenly to create a solid thick surface. You will want to add chocolate to your mold about three times to create a thick layer of chocolate. Once achieved, put it in you fridge to cool.

Now that your mold and chocolate has cooled. Take the chocolate out of its mold and decorate as you'd like. We love to add a dash of Pink Tinker Dust to create a glittery effect! You can simply apply Tinker Dust to your chocolate with a Tinker Dust pump or wet a detailing brush and apply to your chocolate. We have 42+ colors of Tinker Dusts to choose from!
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Thank you The Atlantic Cookies for being apart of our community and providing us with your testimonial and pictures. If you are interested in becoming one of our featured bakers please tag us on our Instagram or Facebook!
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