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Cookie Decorating with Texture and Shine-Bakell®

Cookie Decorating with Texture and Shine

Champagne Bottle Texture with Shine

~by Lindsay Johnson (@theflourshoppecookieco)

This is one of my favorite techniques to add to cookies!  I love to add it to a plaque cookie to give it some texture and bling, but it’s also perfect to add to champagne bottles to give them a special pop.  Watch the video to see how I create the texture and then follow the steps below.  I created this cookie with royal icing and a mix of Super Gold and Aztec Gold Luster Dust. Don’t forget to share your creations using this technique! 

Super Gold Champagne Bottle Texture

Step 1: Flood your cookie in your base color.

Step 2: Let your base dry for awhile.  How long you let your cookie dry depends on your frosting consistency and the weather in your area.  Usually anywhere from 20-40 minutes is perfect for me. 

Step 3: Once your icing has crusted over but isn’t completely dry, take the back of a freshly washed paint brush or scribe and push them gently into the frosting. You don’t want your craters to be too deep, you want there to be a layer of frosting between the bottom of your crater and the cookie. The size of your tool will match the size of the crater you make.  Create these craters all over the area you want this texture. 

Step 4: Let your texture dry completely.

Step 5: Mix your luster dust with alcohol or extract. I personally use 190 proof Everclear. You want a thicker consistency, don’t let your mix be too watery. In this video I use 25% Aztec Gold to 75% Super Gold. Both colors are amazing on their own, but I love this combo because it give the super gold a little more of a bronze undertone.

Step 6: Paint the area that you texturized with the luster dust and let dry.

Step 7: Add additional details to your cookie to finish.

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