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NEW! Rose Gold Brew Glitter | Beverage Glitter for Beer, Wine & Cocktails-Bakell®

NEW! Rose Gold Brew Glitter | Beverage Glitter for Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Our popular Brew Glitter™ line continues to expand! It's been a process in the making, but we finally got it right -- our new Rose Gold Brew Glitter™ is finally here, and its beautiful! This beer & cocktail glitter is absolutely perfect for weddings, parties & New Years events! Our Rose Gold Brew Glitter™ is the perfect compliment to any beverage to add some shimmery, sparkly pizzazz to your next festive occasion!

- Rose Gold Brew Glitter, 4g Jar

- Rose Gold Brew Glitter, Bulk Sizes (25g, 50g & 1 lb)

Our Edible Brew Glitters™ & Beer Dusts™ are made with 100% FDA approved ingredients and does not dissolve! Perfect for any party or festive outing, Bakell's Edible Beer Dust™ & Brew Glitter™ will make your next fun occasion sparkle!

Our Brew Glitters are a food-grade safe, edible glitter dust that can be stirred into any beverage for a shimmery, glimmer, glittery effect! Sprinkle in beer, alcoholic beverages, sparkling water, juice, tea, champagne, wine, coffee, spirits and more! Perfect for signature drinks for wedding! Made in the USA and shipped from our Southern CA location!

Rose Gold Brew Glitter | Food Grade Beer, Wine, Beverage & Cocktail Dust from Bakell

The great thing is, our Beverage Glitters can be purchased in the standard 4g Jar, or in bulk sizes for larger gatherings & events in 25g jars, 50g jars or 1 lb bags at significant price reductions compared to our standard 4g jar prices -- our bulk sizes are perfect for large parties, catering companies, wedding party planners, breweries, or restaurants looking for steep discounts & wholesale pricing.

Brew Glitter Bulk Size Pricing Chart |

How much do I need - FAQ Beer, Beverage, Wine & Cocktail Conversions:

  • Each gram of Brew Glitter™ yields approx 1 gallon of liquid
  • 1 gallon = approx 24 x 5oz cocktails/ drink servings
  • 4 of our 4g Brew Glitter™ standard jars yields 1 x 15 gallon keg
  • Our 25g Jar of Brew Glitter™ serves approx. 640 x 5oz drinks
  • Our 1 lb bag size yields 450 grams (ie, 30 x 15 gallon kegs)
*Note: Our Brew Glitter™ will not dissolve, however it will settle to the bottom if left unattended for long periods of time. Simply stir & serve and watch your guests be amazed as the beverage glitters and swirls in front of them!

 Enjoy our new Brew Glitters & spread the word!

~The Bakell Team

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Donna - August 26, 2019

I’ve just received my purple Brew Glitter, thank you. I’ll be adding it to redskin vodka shots for bonbonniere gifts at our wedding. How long before the wedding can I add it to the vodka. The vodka will be decanted into test tubes with screw cap lids, so they can be shaken. Wedding is on November 23rd

Thank you.

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