Our New Edible Gold Dusts Mixed with Green Dye'd Beer | St Patrick's Day Fun!

It just wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without green beer, so here is how to make it... but with a fun GOLD sparkling twist, from the Bakell Team!! 

First, fun fact, did you know the official color of the St Patrick holiday is actually BLUE because that is the color associated with St. Patrick?

We'll give you a moment to let that fun fact sink in... 

OK, now that you've wrapped your head around how bizarre that is, let's get back to why we're all here: green beer with a gold twist! We have a step-by-step guide for how to make the best green beer with gold dust glitter that shimmers & swirls! Your friends & family will be WOW'd

Now, let's get down to business. Here's all you need to know to get your suds a vibrant shade of emerald green.

1. Buy light beer
No, it doesn't have to be low in calories, but the color of the beer you use is important. You want to use a light-colored beer so the food coloring will easily mix. Using a dark beer (like Guinness) will require too much food coloring, which may change the flavor of the beer — or not even color the beer at all.

2. Food coloring goes in first
Making green beer is super-easy, being as that there are only two ingredients: beer and food coloring.

Start by adding three drops of green food coloring for each bottle of beer. Adding the food coloring to the bottom of an empty glass works best because when you pour the beer on top, it will help mix it. Adjust the color by adding more dye if you like.

3. Blue & yellow make green
Blue food coloring works also because when mixed with a brighter yellow beer, it makes for a nice green-colored brew. But be sure to test a drop of blue in a taster of the beer to see the result.

Now, the twist! Using our NEW edible gold dusts, you will be able to add an amazing, radical, swirly & shimmery gold specs in your green beer. It is the coolest thing ever!

4. Mix Our Edible Super Gold Luster Dust w/ our Edible Gold Jewel Dust 

You will want to buy one each of our Super Gold Dust one one each of our Gold Jewel Dust if you want the exact sparkly & shimmery affect we were able to create! You will mix the two 4 gram jars together to make a NEW SHIMMERY GOLD that will be used to put in your green beers. We found the right amount is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per pint of beer is the right amount. A little goes a long way!  That's it, now want to see what it looks like....

Click Here to see the Video


Thank you to all and as always, Happy Bakell'ing!

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