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Spooky Halloween Monster Cupcakes-Bakell®

Spooky Halloween Monster Cupcakes

We’ve had so much fun getting ready for autumn, dreaming up fun ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving as we watch the leaves start to turn and fall to the ground. Recently we were in the mood for some spooky retro fun and pulled together some of our favorite, most versatile tools to create a treat suitable for any graveyard bash! These kooky cupcakes are spooky & silly, dark purple color & covered in edible glitter. Well, bless my soul and rock ‘n’ roll! It looks like a Purple People Eater to me!

Bakell has a wide range of tools that encourages a ton of creativity and fun in the kitchen. To create our One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater cupcakes, we relied on a few of our tried and true favorites:

Tinker Dust Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Petal Dust Our Petal Dusts are incredibly versatile. In brilliant colors, this dust is 100% water solvent so it will mix right into a liquid for painting, airbrushing, or can be used as a food coloring. The best part is, you can mix together different shades to reveal a totally custom color. We wanted a deep purple, so we mixed our Deep Purple Dust into a classic buttercream recipe and the result was a rich purple fit for a One-Eyed Beast

Sprinkle Deep Purple Dust

Plunger Impression Cutters Our plungers are the best for cutting out small shapes with ease, and for the eyeballs on our spooky treats, we used both the oval and round varieties in varying sizes. The plunger pops the tiny shapes of fondant and gum paste right out onto your workspace, so they don’t get stuck like other cutters.

Plunger Impression Cutters


Tinker Dust®, It’s no surprise we love our Tinker Dust® around here! We look for every excuse to sprinkle the stuff in, and we even went as far as to mix colors together to get a custom look!

Here’s how we assembled our cupcakes!

Tools & Ingredients:
Purple Petal Dust

To make:

Bake cupcakes into purple cupcake liners and allow them to cool completely.

Combine the ingredients for the frosting into a bowl, and whip with a hand or stand mixer. Slowly add in Purple Petal Dust until the desired shade is achieved (we used 2 teaspoons). Frost cupcakes. Mix purple & black Tinker Dusts together in a separate bowl, and sprinkle generously over frosted cupcakes. 

To make the eyes, roll out white & black fondant, sprinkling black & white Tinker Dust as you roll. Plunge with round & oval plungers, to make the “eyeball” & “pupil” then pressing together to create the beast’s eye. Press eyeball into the frosted cupcake.

To make the Candy Horn, mix black & white Tinker Dusts together in a plastic sandwich bag. Mist candy corn lightly with water from a spray bottle and drop into Tinker Dust, shaking until fully coated. Carefully remove and press the horn into the cupcake, crowning your Purple People-Eating Beast in all his glory!



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