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Finding the best manufacturer to work with-Bakell®

Finding the best manufacturer to work with

Are you a baker who runs their own business? If so, you've probably used our well known edible glitters and dusts! Have you ever thought that maybe you wanted to sell some of our products, like our Edible Glitters and Edible Dust, but labeled as if they were your own without having to worry about manufacturing them? Did you know that we offer a fantastic Private Label Program where you can put your business on our product and sell it as your own? We are the Leading Edible Glitter Manufacturer in the USA and we would love to partner with you!

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Top 10 Questions to ask Private Manufacturers

What questions should you be asking a private label manufacturer when you're searching for a company to work with? We have taken out some of the legwork for you! The following questions are the top 10 questions to ask!

What is your average delivery time?
Average delivery time for private labeling is about 3-4 weeks. Once you submit the order request, you'll email us with your logo or design and we send it off to our marketing department. From there they create a proof. That proof is emailed to you for your approval. Once approved it is sent off to the printing department, and it gets put in the printing queue!

Are there any hidden charges?
No. There are NO hidden charges or fees! We are very upfront about every cost.

Do you offer label product guidelines?
Yes! Our standard label is included with every private label purchase and is the perfect fit for 9/10 businesses. It is sleek, professional, and unique enough to grab the customers' attention with one glance. Our premium label is for businesses that want to add that extra bling and personalization to their products.

How do you ensure product ingredient quality?
All of our products and manufacturing warehouses follow strict FDA guidelines and local state and city compliance guidelines. Our facilities are audited and approved by the FDA. We have even taken it a step further, not only are our ingredients FDA compliant, our production facilities are also FDA registered and inspected. Upon request, we have everything from microbiology testing docs, heavy metals testing docs, COA certificates to SDS certificates and many more! Many of the technical data sheet (TDS) documents are already available online for you.

How much does private labeling cost?
Of course, prices vary depending on order quantity but cases start at $340.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we do!

What are your minimum order quantities?
One of the best parts about our Private Label Program is that we have NO minimum order quantities! Buy as much or as little as you want!

Who do I contact about my orders if I do order?
You can contact our customer service team at anytime! That email is

Is your company compliant with the FDA?
Absolutely! As we stated above, we go above and beyond to meet all code requirements. We are GMP-HACCP certified, HALAL certified, and Kosher certified.

What are your label manufacturing capabilities?
We have the ability to manufacture any amount of labels you're looking for! We have a variety of sizes and specs to fit your businesses specific needs.

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High Quality Standards

Finding a reputable manufacturer to work with is imperative for your business, and we understand that and take it incredibly seriously. Our standards are as high as they come, and we take pride in what we do! We are here to fulfill your businesses needs and get excited to see our products "in the wild" with your labels on them! We can promise you nothing short of quality, integrity, top-tier quality product, fast turnaround times, and a business relationship you will be sure to enjoy!

If you're interested in learning more, or chatting with our sales team about private labeling or wholesale products please don't hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to answer your questions.

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