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Leading Edible Glitter Manufacturer

As the leading edible glitter manufacturers in the US, the Bakell® team is proud to bring you a range of fully FDA-compliant edible glitters, dusts, pigments, and paints that have been locally manufactured at our premises in Southern California so we can offer it to you at factory direct prices. We take great care to develop top-of-the-line products that are safe for consumption by vegans, as well as individuals who follow Kosher and Halal diets. Ideal for large wholesale bakeries, prospective resellers, and home bakers who are serious about the quality of their FDA-approved edible glitter, Bakell® products come directly to you with our quality assurance, and at fantastic wholesale prices.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of Edible Glitter

Bakell® is known throughout the food and beverage industry as the leading USA glitter manufacturer for a good reason. As trusted edible glitter suppliers to a wide array of clientele throughout the US and abroad, Bakell®, as well as its sister brands and companies, leverage advanced technology to bring exceptionally user-friendly, well-priced wholesale edible glitter dust to market, straight from factory to customer. This direct selling model is a vital part of our business approach and allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process.

When you opt in on manufacturer direct sales from Bakell®, you can rest assured that we are focused on every single detail that underpins our glitter manufacturing processes. Direct manufacturers have the ability to manage the entire production and supply chain from beginning to end, including the sourcing of raw materials and ingredients, the hiring of the personnel who oversee and facilitate the production processes, as well as the cleanliness of the facilities in which it is manufactured.

Edible glitter manufacturing companies have a responsibility to ensure that their products comply with health codes and guidelines as set out by the FDA, which is why Bakell® is proud to be registered by this industry governing body,. as well as being audited by the state and receiving regular inspections by local county health department officials.

By ticking all these boxes we ensure that our edible glitter dusts are as safe as they are delicious, and enjoyable to use. In fact, we even go one step further by partnering with NutriData at our own behest. This third-party nutritional regulatory consultancy audits our ingredients and products to ensure that our nutritional specs are always 100% on par!

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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Bakell is HACCP Certified
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Wholesale, Retail & Private Label Programs

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Do you want to sell Bakell® products at your store, or directly to your customer base? Fantastic! Our manufacturer to retailer supply chain is seamless and fussfree. You are now able to order bulk edible glitter dust, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and so much more without jumping through countless hoops. There are no agents, needless reems of paper work or irritating digital approval forms here!

As a leading glitter powder manufacturer we take pride in making our products available to you in the easiest way possible. Simply go here, select the products you want to buy, click and send - it's as easy to that. Now you can buy your products wholesale from the foremost glitter manufacturer in the USA without missing a beat. 



Looking for a fresh new way to turn a welcome profit? Become a Bakell® distributor and benefit from robust profit margins, an innovative product line that walks off off the shelves, and shipshape shipping solutions that makes ordering edible glitter in bulk as easy as pie.

The best part is that you will receive incredible support from the Bakell® team from start to finish. As edible glitter manufacturing frontrunners, we know our product inside out, own the rights to all our dusts and glitters and can help you to gain the competitive edge in your local market that you've been looking for. Best of all - we don't just supply edible glitter for drinks and baking, we also have an exciting line of BBQ sauces and rubs, hot sauces and more.

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Prospective retail partners, assemble! If you want to sell the best edible glitter at your shop we've got some great news - Bakell® products are now available to resell wherever you have a brick-and-mortar store. One of the benefits of buying direct from the manufacturer is that you get to pick and choose the products that will appeal to your target demographic, and leave the rest. 
Simply choose the Bakell® dusts and glitters you want to sell, pick your preferred display set-up, pop it all in your online cart and head to checkout. Before you know it you will receive everything you need to get the wheels rolling on the retail front. This includes the products you chose, a beautifully branded POS display kit, as well as the price points at which we recommend you make it available to the public. This is retail heaven folks!



You don't have to be a listed edible glitter manufacturer to sell you own line of branded glitters and dusts. Simply partner with Bakell®! We now offer retailers the option of having a private label or custom brand added to product lines for their business.

As a manufacturer direct company, we are serious about compliance with the FDA, and go out of our way to create beautiful, bespoke products that online contains approved edible ingredients. As such, when you choose to put your brand on our Tinker Dust®, Brew Glitter® collection or Luster Dust, you can rest assured that it's ready to go to market without any hassles.

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Tinker Dust Edible Glitter | FDA Approved | MICA | Wholesale | 100% Edible |


From world renown cake artists like Sahar Masarati to the DIY baking weekend warrior, Tinker Dust® is the leading edible glitter brand! Tinker Dust® uses only FDA approved Ingredients and is a 100% edible food-grade glitter! Tinker Dust® is a potent, shiny, beautiful edible glitter and will add a WOW factor to any food or dessert creation! Tinker Dust® edible glitter is the #1 selling edible glitter brand! To learn more, click here

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Luster Dusts are similar to Disco Dusts, but with some very important differences. Most importantly, our Luster Dust is 100% edible where Disco Dust is not. Luster Dust is also a much finer powder and lastly our Luster Dust has incredibly brilliant pearlizer tones in each color shade! Cake artists and decorating enthusiasts typically brush Luster Dusts and powders on using an airbrush gun or hand brush, or mix them with a liquid to paint on their confectionery masterpieces! To learn more, click here

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Luster Dust Edible Glitter & Edible Paint | Rose Gold | FDA Approved | 100% Edible | MICA Powder |


Emilie Frank

Retail Store Manager

I buy wholesale & stock the Bakell® brand Luster Dusts & their Tinker Dust® in my Retail Store! The feedback from customers us unmatched and the product flies off the shelf! The customer support I receive from their Support team is top notch!  Whenever myself or my employees need help answering questions about their products, they get back to us in a flash - they really know their stuff! If you are a retailer or want to buy decorating supplies wholesale, I highly recommend buying wholesale from! Their prices are unbeatable, the online experience is great, everything is in stock, our margins are over 70% and the customer support is amazing!

Lewis Todd

Bar & Restaurant Owner

I own chain of restaurants & bars and was looking for a product that could add some excitement and sales revenue to my menu. Well after looking everywhere for something unique and different, and that would separate me from my competition, I finally found it... Brew Glitter® edible glitter for drinks and beverages! If you have't used it, seen it, or heard of it... check it out! The product revolutionized my bar and increased sales for restaurants & bars! is available at and at . I also needed a company that sold wholesale because we buy in large bulk quantities, well they had that covered too! Incredible product, amazing experience!

Maria Holmes

Distribution Partner

We have been a distributor of Bakell® brand products for nearly 2 years and the partnership couldn't be better! Bakell® helps us maintain great margins in our retail stores, they sell high quality products and the repurchase customer rate is nearly 3x compared to "like products" we also distribute/ resell. What I like most is they have amazing customer support when product questions come up, really fast turn around times - they have saved me more than once, that's for sure! Bakell® will stay in our distributor portfolio as a key partner for years to come. If you are looking to launch a new category, product or brand with great margins, buy from!