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5 Baking Glitter Trends to Supercharge Parties & Events in 2022-Bakell®

5 Baking Glitter Trends to Supercharge Parties & Events in 2023

We are ready to dish up some seriously tasty bakes and food crafting inspiration with our 5 baking glitter trends for 2023. If you’ve been on the lookout for easy ways to supercharge the eats and treats at parties & events this year, then we’ve got you sorted.

Today we’ll be taking a look a few super fun baking glitter trends that have been taking the professional and home-baking circuit by storm this year. Here you go!

  1. Add some sparkle to your drinks line-up

Cocktails are back, baby! Between Timothée Chalamet sipping on Espresso Martinis in his downtime, and the likes of Blake Lively bringing out a whole amazing range of premium drink mixers made with natural ingredients, fancy drinks are very much in the spotlight once more. The best bit about cocktails making a huge comeback is that there is so many ways to make them look amazing!

For one thing, you can add edible drink glitter to the liquid, which adds a magical touch to just about any cocktail, from a White Russian to a Shirley Temple. Just be sure to use an eatable glitter that has been developed for use in liquids when you do, otherwise the sparkle is not likely to last, and will gather at the bottom of the glass after the first few swirls.

  1. Garnish like a fairy godmother

Then, of course, you could also add some shimmer and shine to your garnishes! Edible Tinker Dust glitter can be used to turn normal cherries, lime slices and orange wedges into something quite fetching with just a few strokes or dabs of a brush. You could even use a stencil to paint tiny designs onto your garnishes if you feel like pushing out the boat…

  1. Dress up your glasses with a glittery rim

Sticking with the drinks theme, another cool way to make your beverages pop when you host a party or event is to dress up the glasses with a glittery rim! Margaritas are normally served with a salty rim, and there are drinks like the French 75 that calls for a sugared rim, but you can also add a glittery rim to just about any drink you can imagine – from hot cacao to virgin Mojitos.

Cocktail rimming salts are available in all the colors of the rainbow, so you can choose something that suits your theme. For instance, if you’re throwing an Elvis-inspired 50s shindig, you could serve Blue Martinis as an homage to his song Blue Suede Shoes, and then add a matching blue rimming sugar to match.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a bachelorette and leaning into the full pink theme that often accompanies events of this nature, a Cosmopolitan with a signature sparkly rim in a bright pink will really put things over the top.

  1. Give your baked treats a little glittery texture

Our range of food-grade glitters include a wide variety of tasteless products that are ideal for situations in which you want to bring some sparkle to the mix without adding any flavor. However, if you are keen to play around with a little crunch and some interesting flavor dynamics, we are happy to present our range of  flavored glitters that come to the party with all sorts of delicious powder candy action.

With all sorts of interesting options to choose from – think flavors like Sweet Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Sour Fruit Punch and more – it’s the ideal way to make your edible art pieces all the more enticing! For instance, if you’re hosting a Hawaiian-themed party, adding a little Sour Fruit Punch glitter to a cupcake or cake pop can add a green-inspired flavor profile to your treats in a fun way.

  1. Go full-on Picasso on your cakes

Icing a cake in a very skilled way is one thing, but actually painting on it with edible paint and glitter is quite another. Artisanal cakes are having a major moment in the limelight at the moment, and it’s easy to understand why – a beautiful hand-crafted cake really puts the metaphorical cherry on top of any event, from a wedding to a 60th birthday party.

The great thing about using food-grade paints and glitters on a cake is that it provides you with a lot  more control than standard icing and fondant. Because you can use more delicate tools like very fine brushes to apply this medium to a frosted cake, you can create designs featuring exceptional levels of detail.

For instance, if you are hosting a fancy garden party, you could use paints to adorn a cake with all sorts of floral elements. Think roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, pansies, and more. Alternatively, if you are celebrating someone’s graduation, you could paint the words of the first essay they ever wrote on the cake to commemorate their first small steps into the world of academia.

The options abound, and when you have the right tools at your disposal there are so many interesting ways to apply it – the only limit is your imagination.


There you go  5 baking glitter trends that will help you to supercharge your parties and events in 2023. Check back soon for more amazing inspiration from the Bakell® team. We love to keep you inspired, and our team is always working behind the scenes to bring you all the things you need to dream up beautiful creations in your home or commercial kitchen!
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