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edible glitter spray burgundy red on cakepops

How to use Edible Glitter Sprays for Cakes and Confections

Using edible glitters sprays for bakes or projects gives the overall presentation an incredible finish while keeping control of the mess. But there can be a learning curve for people who haven't got their hands on them, so here's how to use an edible glitter spray for cake decorations and more.

At Bakell, we're ecstatic to have edible glitter sprays, or mini pumps, for our popular collections that bakers can rely on, and we're here to give you a complete look at how to make them work for you.

Spray-on edible glitter is a fun, easy way to spruce up a cake or cupcake. It's also an excellent tool for cake decorators to expedite the application process.

What is Edible Glitter Spray?

Edible spray glitters are a new form factor to apply shimmers like Tinker Dust and Luster Dust to everything from cake decorations to confection creations.

They come in bottles ranging from 4 grams to larger 25 grams of fine glitter that you spray onto your baked goods. Edible glitter for drinks even come in a spray for whoever wants a quick upgrade to their cocktail.

edible glitter spray for christmas red and green Luster Dust

Testing an Edible Glitter Spray

It's not hard to get acclimated with edible spray glitter bottles but you will want to do a couple of tests to get used to them.

Before using a glitter spray, cover the immediate area around the work area with parchment paper or material of your choice. As an added measure, set down a spinning plate with a wide bowl on top so you can comfortably place your project inside, say a cupcake or cake tier.

Then simply spray and get used to the bottle's flow. The spray uses an air chamber to lift the dust and give an even layer in the direction it's being applied. Hold it about 6 to 8 inches away from your project for a good coverage.

Here's when you eye-test how many sprays it takes to get the right layer of edible glitter that you're looking for.

How to use edible glitter spray

There are plenty of ways for how to use an edible glitter spray, popular of which are for easy cake decoration applications, simple toppers for desserts such as candy apples or cupcakes, and even for a batch of cookies.

It's fun, festive, and a great way to get creative with some of your favorite baked goods. Plus, it's super easy to use for anyone who wants to join in on the fun.

edible glitter spray teal luster dust on a cupcake

On Cakes

When you want to add a little something special to a cake or confection, edible cake glitter spray is the perfect solution. You can sweep it across the top of your frosting or ice it onto the sides of your cake.

And when people look at it, they'll see a sparkling surface that brings a unique flair to the bake. The spray also adds an extra touch of sparkle to cupcakes when you use it to decorate the tops!

On Cookies

Before glitter sprays, one of the easiest ways to apply edible glitter on cookies was with a toothbrush. But now, you can be more accurate with the glitter spray to get the ideal coverage.

If you feel like one area is doused more than others, then simply get a toothbrush to spread around the glitter until you achieve the perfect blend.

On Frosting

Spraying glitter onto your frosting and sweets can be a fun way to add some pizzazz, but you might need to learn how to get the best results. When using edible glitter spray, the key is to do it when the frosting or candy is still fresh—otherwise, it can sometimes result in unsightly clumps of glittered frosting. To get the best results, avoid using edible glitter spray on painted areas with piping gel—the two will not mix well together.

It's easy to dress up cakes and confections with this glitter spray, adding a lovely shimmer to the icing. It can start to flake when applied directly on an iced cake but the food glitter coating still turns out great!

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